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Market Reports: Real Estate Trends in Texas - The Ron Brown Company
For over thirty years The Ron Brown Company has tracked residential real estate sales data for the markets we serve. Now we will make this data available to you on a regular basis through the Swearingen Report. The residential real estate reports are primarily derived from the Multiple Listing Service for the market reported. The Multiple Listing Service does not reflect 100% of activity but is representative of activity and trends. The national reports generally use this source.

I would like to point out a few things about market data. The median price is reported on a national and local basis when upward or downward movement is discussed (median price is the middle, meaning half the sales were above and half were below). Average price can fluctuate based on a few sales, especially in the small markets we service. It is important to keep in mind that all real estate is local even though there are common forces. The California and Michigan markets are much different than the Texas market. Likewise the Victoria market is different than the Rockport market which is different from Corpus Christi or Houston.

Even within one reporting area, neighborhoods don’t necessarily respond the same to market forces. You can ask one of our REALTORS® to provide information on your neighborhood. Finally, even though the media tends to report month to month comparisons, we look at trends on at least quarterly activity. This is especially the case in smaller real estate markets.

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